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Perfectly painted toenails in 5 steps !

Perfectly painted toenails in 5 steps !

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The finishing touch of any summer sandal look is a mesmerizing nail colour. Find out in 5 steps how to apply Longwear Nail Polish on toe nails so your salon client can enjoy an extremely Long and perfect wear. Make sure to offer your salon client the latest summer trend colours of the season to choose from!


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Here’s how you apply LongWear in 5 easy steps





- Clean each nail with ProNails Non Acetone Polish Remover.



- Always start with LongWear Start before applying the LongWear Colour of the client’s choice. This will avoid discolouring of the nail plate. 

- If you use regular nail polish instead of LongWear, choose the right base coat depending on the quality of the client’s toenails: ProNails Active Hardener, ProNails Even Nails, ProNails Polish Grip 



Apply two layers of your client’s favourite LongWear Colour.

  1. Remove the brush from the bottle and wipe off on one side.
  2. Place the brush in the middle of the nail, slightly away from the cuticle.
  3. Gently push down towards the cuticle and sweep over the centre of the nail up to the free edge.
  4. Repeat this movement on both sides following the line of the cuticle.
  5. Seal the free edge of the nail for extended wear. 



- Correct any mistakes with the ProNails Polish Corrector Pen for a perfect result. The nutritive benefits for the skin make this product unique. This is also a handy tool for any client who wants to apply nail polish or LongWear at home.



- Wait two minutes before applying LongWear Finish. This top coat guarantees a record setting wear time thanks to the LongWear Colourfix Technology™ and ensures a perfect shine  If you use regular nail polish instead of LongWear, finish with your favourite topcoat for glossy nails and extended wear: ProNails Gloss it Up, ProNails Seco Seco, ProNails UV Protect.

- Tip: To make regular nail polish dry superfast, apply one drop of ProNails Drop & Dry on the edge between the cuticle and nail polish.




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